Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Water, rock, sun, a beautiful woman and nude yoga...
A recipe for health, energy, liberation and bliss!

Spirit of Nude Yoga

The beauty and power of yoga, a wonderful naked asana by firelight.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Legs in the Air!

Legs in the air, please! Vertical stands, upside-down
asanas, yoga handstands...all guaranteed to revitalize!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nudist Cover Girl Diane Webber

Diane Webber was the reigning nudist cover girl and nude model in
the 1950s and 1960s. Check out her photos at The Nudist Queen blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrity Yoga

Madonna and Jennifer Aniston practice yoga, Jane Fonda
put out some yoga DVDs, and Scarlett Johansson portrays
a yoga instructor in "He's Just Not That Into You." We
won't say if any of them practice nude yoga....

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pure Nude Yoga

"Pure Nude Yoga - Zen Garden Goddess" artfully explores the ancient practice of yoga without the confinement of clothing. In Pure Nude Yoga, beautiful 26 year old Yogini Goddess Wenona gracefully moves through a series of nude yoga asanas in a serene verdant Zen Garden. Pure Nude Yoga- Zen Garden Goddess is easy to follow along, or simply use it to relax and meditate on beautiful natural yoga forms performed in a tranquil Zen Garden setting.

Zen Garden Goddess Wenona is amazingly lithe and flexible, as she skillfully moves through a selection of classic yoga positions, starting from basic to more advanced. Yogini Wenona has been avidly practicing yoga for years, starting with basic hatha yoga classes, followed by Iyengar and power yoga and finally mastering Ashtanga yoga a few years ago. In "Pure Nude Yoga - "Zen Garden Goddess" yogini Wenona seamlessly merges these ancient yoga forms into a natural flow of traditional yoga positions; beginning with some basic limbering poses and then progressing to more advanced asanas. "Pure Nude Yoga- Zen Garden Goddess" is ideal for the beginning to intermediate yoga disciple, and perfect for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the potential of nude yoga to nurture and enhance a naturist balance of health, body and spirit.

Shot in high definition, 
Pure Nude Yoga: Zen Garden Goddess (DVD) includes one hour of nude yoga, interspersed with calming Zen Garden interludes, zen koans, a meditational soundtrack, and sounds of relaxing natural environment sounds. A separate nature sounds track without music is included (simply select the audio button on the DVD remote control.)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yoga Journal's 2013 calendar

Yoga is often defined as union, as in the union of breath, body, mind, and spirit, or union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. The word 'yoga' refers both to that state of union and to the practices that can lead to it. Although yoga is far more than a physical practice, the forms of the asanas (the physical yoga poses) embody the grace and intelligence of the entire yoga system. To inspire your practice, this calendar contains twelve beautiful color photographs of yoga practitioners demonstrating advanced asanas, along with quotations from master yoga teachers--all courtesy of Yoga Journal magazine. Size: 12 x 13 in.; opens to 12 x 26 in. Printed on FSC certified paper with soy-based ink.

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Yoga Bliss

Doesn't the hair add a lovely touch?

Yoga at Home!

Zen Cat!

Too cute!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nude Yoga For Four

A naked yoga class for women only (not one of my sessions).
Looked like good stretching and great fun! There were
four totally nude participants and one semi-clothed guest.

The Nudist Experience on DVD: Four Films

An introduction to social nude recreation by Robbert Broekstra and friends as they engage in naturist activities in public in Amsterdam. This includes a canal boat ride and a visit to Elsendorp, one of the most popular Dutch nudist clubs. While in public, passersby typically reacted with smiles and waves.

A rare peek inside a French nudist colony filmed in 1965. We see nudists at play - having fun at the beach, building sand castles, playing games, boating and of course getting an all-over tan! This is one of the earliest examples of naturism ever caught on film.

From the producer of "American Nudist." The history of nudism and nudist films ia contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. Also goes behind the scenes of a new nudist feature film, "The Naked Place." Features the International Naturists Association and Christine Nguyen (Playboy's Exotic Beauties) as a guest newscaster.

A shy college girl is assigned a school project to write a thesis on nudity. Julie's research on nude recreation takes her to nudist clubs throughout England, to Cap d'Agde in southern France on the edge of the Mediterranean and finally to Paradise Lakes, a Florida U.S.A. naturist resort.

Potpourri of Nudist DVDs

Visits to Nude Beaches, Nudist Camps & more!
Click on cover of DVD for more information....