Tuesday, December 6, 2011

P.J. Harvey Home Nudist

"It`s a wonderful sensation to not have any clothes on." - P.J. Harvey.

"I just love having no clothes on outside, and the only time to do that is when the sun`s shining." - P.J. Harvey.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kate Hudson: Home Nudist

Gorgeous actress Kate Hudson, not one of my celebrity nude yoga clients (alas!), is a self-confessed home nudist. “My mum and dad never gave a big deal about nudity in our house,” The Sun quoted Hudson as telling Fabric magazine. “I often walk around naked or just wearing my panties,” she added.

The Complete Guide to Nudism

This guide by Liz and James Egger is essential for those
who want to explore the wonderful world of nudism. It's
brimming with sound advice, tips, practical knowledge, legal
issues, and naked etiquette, dispensed by lifelong nudists.

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Naked Yoga Book Covers

Buy these two books if only for the covers! Both are out of print but available from Amazon.com. The first book is Naked Yoga by Malcolm Leigh with photos by John Adams (gorgeous!). And the second book, with many photo examples shown here is Nude Yoga by Karl Philippe Duarte. These are classics, still available used or from other sellers. But not for long!

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